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Petco Employees!

Monday, October 14, 2013

8:13PM - Pay Stub?

So I've been working at Petco since July and I signed up for direct deposit on day one. It's been great, but now I am wondering how on earth one is supposed to view their pay stub. Is there a website I have to go to where it's posted or do I have to request it?

Sunday, April 21, 2013

12:10AM - Retirement in the nowhere near future.

Man, I haven't used LiveJournal in forever. I don't know how active you guys are anymore.

Anyway, I am a full-time groomer at Petco. Have been there over a year now. Love my job; it's my life. Has been since the day I started,

Just curious about the 401k, I know I'll be using it to take advantage of the match they've offered and will roll into an IRA when I move on with my career choice. I am located in San Diego, don't know if my options differ from those of you based elsewhere. Just curious what are investment options are and what I should be choosing??

Monday, February 18, 2013

9:59PM - PTO Question

I am feeling so confused about this at the moment. I've been working at Petco since June and today I went to find out how much PTO I have - I assumed I should have some - and discovered I have none. When I asked why, when I'm supposed to be getting it, my manager told me that I should have gotten some at my four month anniversary if I averaged 20 hours a week for those first four months. Well, I most certainly did average that! Most weeks I was working over 30 hours. Is she wrong? Am I confused? Should I be talking to human resources? This is a real problem for me as I need to take a week off at the end of March and was planning on using my pto so I won't be broke!

Also, I'm doubly confused as before this round of working at Petco, I worked at the same Petco in the same position for three years and seem to remember getting a large amount of PTO fairly early on. I know I used 30-40 hours at least twice, and when I left I had about two weeks worth of PTO paid out to me. Have things changed?

I should probably just call human resources or someone, but I'm really really dreading it because we've gotten a new, horrible, spiteful manager and I'm basically at the point where I wake up, realize I have to go to work that day, and start crying. I used to love working here so much.

Thursday, January 31, 2013


I just got hired at a Petco a month ago. So far it's surprisingly good, I was expecting it to be sketchy since I've seen bad reviews and complaints online, but I suppose it all depends on the managers and coworkers you get more than on the chain itself. I am blessed enough to have very, very nice and patient managers and coworkers (for the moment, I hope they don't have a turnover and hire a bunch of assholes). Thankfully I'm already very familiar with most of the animal related aspect (spending my childhood studying and showing every kind of pet imaginable in 4H paid off I guess) and I have a veritable menagerie living in my house, so the animal training is mostly just brushing up on things I already know.

So the intimidating part for me is the customer service aspect, because HURNGSOCIALANXIETY! People and money handling and phones to answer and machines to mess up and buttons and shortcuts and protocols to learn and big scary corporate things are no bueno. Oops. Guess that's the main component of working in retail though, and I'm getting used to it. It's not as scary as it was at first and I haven't screwed up too horribly yet. It's honestly far, far better than I expected and most of my fears and anxieties about it were unjustified (knock on wood), so I just need to become more desensitized to dealing with people nonstop all day, and I know it's slowly happening, so I'm confident I'll be able to keep the job and do it right. Gotta pull myself away from the internet and learn how to interact with human beings in their natural habitat sooner or later.

I suppose this also depends on the manager, but I asked for a few days of unpaid time off next month to go see a friend so I filled out the slip and put it in the request envelope, and when I asked how long it would take for them to consider it the managers just said "oh it's approved, you're good". So wow that was way better than I would have even hoped for.

But yeah, as for the pay it's $8 an hour and I'm part time so I get 15 to 20 hours a week and get paid every two weeks. So far the paychecks have been coming in on time and everything seems kosher so I have yet to come up with any complaints. But again, I've only been there a month so I hope and pray nothing shitty comes up, because I really want this job and I really need it so I'm gonna ride it out until my own business gets off the ground.

(and it doesn't hurt that the CADM is a clone of Norman Reedus, I shit you not)

Monday, November 19, 2012

2:42PM - Huge problem

So I've been working at petco for about 3 and a half weeks, and haven't received a paycheck yet. I filled out the paperwork that said I want NOTHING to do with the epay bologna. Now I'm sitting around, twiddling my thumbs, waiting for someone to pay me. This is absolutely ridiculous. I've been asking for the number for human resources, with no reply from anyone. My manager doesn't seem to care that I'm not getting paid - as long as she is. This is ridiculous. I've been speaking with my lawyer about this problem, and he said to contact everyone possible trying to solve this myself. However, if action isn't taken by someone within the next couple of days, you can bet that there will be major issues. I've faxed several forms of paperwork to human resources asking for either direct deposit or a paper paycheck, to no avail.
I'm done being taken advantage of because I'm only 19 years old. This happened to me with Price Chopper, my last job, as well. Then when I finally did get a check, I wasn't receiving my night shift differential. I don't work for free, this isn't a charity service. I want my paycheck, and I want it fast. Please, if anyone has any information on how to contact PetCo's corporate office or human resources to get back to me as soon as possible - before we have a lawsuit on our hands.

Current mood: angry

Friday, February 17, 2012

11:15AM - Part time employee benefits?

Hello, I am a part time groomer's assistant at PETCO in Fort Myers Florida. I was just wandering what kind of benefits I can receive as far as health insurance goes. I was told that my family's new health insurance provider claimed that if I am eligible for insurance from PETCO then they could no longer support me and I would have to go on my own through PETCO. I heard that part time workers are eligible for "Open Enrollment" but I am not too sure how to look into that. Could someone please give me some information about "Open enrollment" or other health insurance options? 

Sunday, November 20, 2011

9:43PM - New employeee

Hopefully this isn't too late, but I just became a recent employee of Petco, just wanted to say hello! :D

Friday, January 28, 2011

10:59AM - PTO, maximum?

I'm actually a little pissed right now; I went on vacation for a week, put in a slip which had PTO clearly marked. I'm not going to NOT go to work for a week; I simply can't afford it. Like an idiot, I didn't follow up when I got back to make sure other people did their job. Suffice to say, I didn't get my PTO.
I'm not sure whose responsible yet, but when I find out they shall suffer since now I can't pay my rent. Thank you very much.
Anyway, ranting aside; what is the limit on PTO hours you can have? I feel it was 300 right? I want to know, since I need to use up my hours before I lose them. I'd LIKE to get paid for them as opposed to them disappearing in the wind and my anniversary is coming up in a couple of monthes.
Anyway, thanks to anyone who reads this and knows the answer. Thank you!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

4:56PM - Tax Stuff

I worked at Petco up until last April. Since then I've moved probably 4 times, through a couple different states. Some of my mail has caught up and some of it hasn't. My W-2 hasn't (and I know the time limit isn't up yet, but I really think it's probably lost in the mail. I called my old store and the manager said that it was probably not worth it to try to go through corporate to get a new one.

I have the information I need to log in to the (incredibly frustrating, as I recall from last year) 3rd party site where you can get your W-2 online but I don't have a link to the site. I thought I could get there through petco.com but so far I haven't found it. If anybody could shoot me the link I'd be eternally greatful.

Alternately, if anybody could just give me Petco's FED ID # (box b on the W-2) Turbo Tax could just download it. I'd appreciate any help anybody can give me here.

Sunday, September 27, 2009


So...the new nametags.

I am largely unimpressed. Flimsy cardstock + plastic sheath != professional appearance in my eyes, I don't know. The perforation marks annoyed me so I trimmed them off, but even with that slight improvement...I think they look kinda ugly.

Opinions? Have any of you gotten them, or gotten to see them yet?

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


so... i finally quit petco back in may. only took me 4 years to finally get up the nerve to do it!

anyway, i had 69.75 hours of PTO time and it never got paid out. it's supposed to get paid out right? that's what i've heard from basically everyone who has quit. so yeah, i thought i'd either get it by direct deposit or they'd send me a check in the mail or something, but i never got anything. should i go talk to my old manager (if he's still there)? or what? i know it's a little late to be asking about this, but they just mailed me about 15 direct deposit slips that i left behind, so it reminded me that i forgot, haha! and damn it, i really need that money right now!

Friday, August 28, 2009

9:36PM - The Creative Groomers of store 1414

Our groomers got tired of the windows so they made them all pritified. (Yes I know that isn't a word.) They did such a wonderful job that I felt the need to share their work with you guys.

Pictures!!Collapse )

Is this something all stores do, or are our groomers just really bored. I know they wrote on the windows at the first Petco I worked at, but never this creative.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

11:32AM - attachment rate?

Is your boss being told attachment is more important then the donation drive that is going on right now? how does everyone feel about this?

Sunday, March 29, 2009


Quick question I'm too nervous to ask my boss! As an associate, do you get a raise every time you pass a CAS test, or was that just for the first one?

Friday, November 21, 2008


In preparation of the new Disney Movie, BOLT

Hmaster Care InfoCollapse )

Sunday, August 10, 2008


Hey has anyone else here joined the Petco flikr.com group?

the group-->http://flickr.com/groups/petco/

I'm under the same name has lj.  I am the crazy rat girl with the huge ferret nation cage for my 5 rats :3 

Friday, August 8, 2008

11:57PM - Two weeks notice

Does it say anything in the Petco employee contract about giving a two weeks notice? Is it required? I can't find any of my paperwork from when I was hired, or else I'd consult that. I really want to quit, and I can't bear the thought of working another day. I've only been employed about three weeks, by the way.

Friday, July 18, 2008

10:43PM - Very little structure at Petco, it seems....

Anyway, couple questions.

For those of you who are Team Leads... Were you promoted to that position, or were you hired on in that position? Also, were you given official training on closing down registers/making deposits, etc? If so, how many days, approximately, of training, did you get?


Monday, July 14, 2008

8:50PM - Intro

Hi there. Just wanted to introduce myself. I started at Petco in Johnson City, NY today. I had a really great first day. I got to help clean the animals, learned register, and did some of the computer training. I'm not new to retail, having worked at Walmart *cringe* and CVS before this. My coworkers and managers have been really nice so far, so I'm hoping it continues this way.

Monday, July 7, 2008


hey there!

      i'll be starting next week as a cashier and just wanted to say hi. i was wondering if you had any advice for me and also i was never really told what the starting wage is for a cashier...is it just minimum or is it like a dollar more? thanks!

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