dogwoodblossom (dogwoodblossom) wrote in petco_employees,

Tax Stuff

I worked at Petco up until last April. Since then I've moved probably 4 times, through a couple different states. Some of my mail has caught up and some of it hasn't. My W-2 hasn't (and I know the time limit isn't up yet, but I really think it's probably lost in the mail. I called my old store and the manager said that it was probably not worth it to try to go through corporate to get a new one.

I have the information I need to log in to the (incredibly frustrating, as I recall from last year) 3rd party site where you can get your W-2 online but I don't have a link to the site. I thought I could get there through but so far I haven't found it. If anybody could shoot me the link I'd be eternally greatful.

Alternately, if anybody could just give me Petco's FED ID # (box b on the W-2) Turbo Tax could just download it. I'd appreciate any help anybody can give me here.

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