Good luck will rub off, 'en I shake 'ands with you (mineka_c) wrote in petco_employees,
Good luck will rub off, 'en I shake 'ands with you

PTO, maximum?

I'm actually a little pissed right now; I went on vacation for a week, put in a slip which had PTO clearly marked. I'm not going to NOT go to work for a week; I simply can't afford it. Like an idiot, I didn't follow up when I got back to make sure other people did their job. Suffice to say, I didn't get my PTO.
I'm not sure whose responsible yet, but when I find out they shall suffer since now I can't pay my rent. Thank you very much.
Anyway, ranting aside; what is the limit on PTO hours you can have? I feel it was 300 right? I want to know, since I need to use up my hours before I lose them. I'd LIKE to get paid for them as opposed to them disappearing in the wind and my anniversary is coming up in a couple of monthes.
Anyway, thanks to anyone who reads this and knows the answer. Thank you!
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