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Huge problem

So I've been working at petco for about 3 and a half weeks, and haven't received a paycheck yet. I filled out the paperwork that said I want NOTHING to do with the epay bologna. Now I'm sitting around, twiddling my thumbs, waiting for someone to pay me. This is absolutely ridiculous. I've been asking for the number for human resources, with no reply from anyone. My manager doesn't seem to care that I'm not getting paid - as long as she is. This is ridiculous. I've been speaking with my lawyer about this problem, and he said to contact everyone possible trying to solve this myself. However, if action isn't taken by someone within the next couple of days, you can bet that there will be major issues. I've faxed several forms of paperwork to human resources asking for either direct deposit or a paper paycheck, to no avail.
I'm done being taken advantage of because I'm only 19 years old. This happened to me with Price Chopper, my last job, as well. Then when I finally did get a check, I wasn't receiving my night shift differential. I don't work for free, this isn't a charity service. I want my paycheck, and I want it fast. Please, if anyone has any information on how to contact PetCo's corporate office or human resources to get back to me as soon as possible - before we have a lawsuit on our hands.

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