unsettledink (unsettledink) wrote in petco_employees,

PTO Question

I am feeling so confused about this at the moment. I've been working at Petco since June and today I went to find out how much PTO I have - I assumed I should have some - and discovered I have none. When I asked why, when I'm supposed to be getting it, my manager told me that I should have gotten some at my four month anniversary if I averaged 20 hours a week for those first four months. Well, I most certainly did average that! Most weeks I was working over 30 hours. Is she wrong? Am I confused? Should I be talking to human resources? This is a real problem for me as I need to take a week off at the end of March and was planning on using my pto so I won't be broke!

Also, I'm doubly confused as before this round of working at Petco, I worked at the same Petco in the same position for three years and seem to remember getting a large amount of PTO fairly early on. I know I used 30-40 hours at least twice, and when I left I had about two weeks worth of PTO paid out to me. Have things changed?

I should probably just call human resources or someone, but I'm really really dreading it because we've gotten a new, horrible, spiteful manager and I'm basically at the point where I wake up, realize I have to go to work that day, and start crying. I used to love working here so much.
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